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Wednesday, May 14, 2014

It’s Time For Me To Say Goodbye To My RV Blog

photo (3)After 5 yrs. of blogging this post will be my last for Rick & Paulette’s RV Travels.

It’s been fun and I’ve enjoyed it.  My blog has never defined who I am nor has it ever become more important to me than my real life.  It’s been a very enjoyable and challenging hobby.

Just recently, I had the occasion to look back a bit at my 5 years of blogging and I realized pretty quickly that I’ve said pretty much all I have to say on topics that I’ve written about in Rick & Paulette’s RV Travels.  In fact, I’ve written about these topics all too often and even I’m getting bored with the same old, same old stuff. 

As my high school English teacher used to say “redundant repetition of the same thing twice over and over again”  is never a good thing. Repetition is a very easy hole in the road for any blogger to fall into and I want to avoid that.  The easiest way I know of to avoid ‘holes in the road’ is to simply take a different road and that’s exactly what I intend to do.

I got my first computer job at 20 then broke my leg playing hockeyRick_thumb[1]Even so, I could still drive my ‘57 Chevy and never missed a day of work

I’ve worked with computers of every sort since 1964 when I was just 20 years old.  That’s some 50 years so I’m not about to give it up now especially when I find all this new technology even more exciting than when I began this journey with days spent endlessly sorting IBM 80 column punch cards. Although I’m giving up my RV blog, I’m not leaving ‘blogland’.  I’m just taking a different road.  I’ll be writing about tech news, photography and blogging as well as news and current events.

So, although my RV blog is toast, I hope to be back soon with a newly energized blog that I’m pretty sure I’m going to enjoy. I don’t expect to be blogging daily but I’m not setting any particular goals other than what I’ve always set as my main blogging objective – having fun and challenging myself.  As always, who reads my blog will be up to each individual. 

my blog

In the meantime, Rick & Paulette’s Travels will be available online for a few more days before I retire it and send it off into the everlasting depths of cyberspace. I’ll figure out a way to let everyone know about my new blog as I expect to finalize my plans by the end of this week. You may like it or you may not – that’s o.k.  Thanks to all of you who have made my RV blog such a wonderful, interesting and challenging experience. 

Have a great Wednesday and thanks again for visiting!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Our Front Yard Dogwood Trees Are In Full Bloom

After a few days off from working in the yard I got back to it yesterday.  The recent warm weather combined with a few days of rain last week has really made the grass grow like crazy.  I’m still enjoying my new Toro electric start, self-propelled lawnmower and haven’t regretted not buying a John Deere tractor mower one bit.  Using the Toro is good exercise and all I basically have to do is walk behind and enjoy the nice weather. 

Our front yard Dogwood TreesIMG_2160

In addition to making the grass grow the warm weather has also caused both of the Dogwood Trees in our front yard to come into full bloom.  We have both white and red Dogwoods and at this time of year they are pretty nice.


After our long 6 mile hike on Sunday we definitely shortened up our afternoon walk yesterday.  We ended up at the Cowichan River Estuary as Molly wasn’t even all that anxious to come with us.  I think the long haul on Sunday may have taken a little bit out of her so we just took it easy and let her move along at her own speed.  Molly’s 10 yrs. old now and is beginning to show a few signs of age.


Looking at the week ahead, our first Poker Night of this year is Wednesday.  That means it will be a late night for me as I have to drive down to Victoria and won’t get back home until close to midnight.  This year will mark the 45th year for our small group of poker players.  Three, including me, are original members who began playing in our once a month game way back in 1969.  The other 2, our rookies, have only been with us for 25 and 27 years respectively. 


Have a great Tuesday and thanks again for visiting!

Monday, May 12, 2014

A Nice, Long Hike Along The Cowichan Valley Trail

Our near perfect weather stayed around for the entire weekend making Sunday a warm sunny day with temperatures up into the 70’s.  It was so nice that Paulette and I said to heck with any yard work and decided instead to find a new place to go for a nice long hike. Paulette said she knew of a trail that she had hiked on with her Sorority friends just last week and said it was quite nice and ran between the Koksilah and Cowichan Rivers. 

The trail took us past some beautiful little creeks…IMG_2190

That sounded good to me so we soon got the muttzo’s organized and we were off for the 20 minute drive to get to the place where we wanted to begin our hike. We drove right past Glenora Park which is one of our all-time favourite hiking spots.  It wasn’t long before we spotted the yellow gate and the trail marker.


I’d never been on this trail before so I was looking forward to it.  It turned out that this was an old logging road that had been converted into a section of the Cowichan Valley Trail that runs for miles and miles from the south end of the valley all the way to the north while branching off to the west as well.  Luckily, at least from my point of view, it was pretty flat and easy to walk on so that made for a nice easy paced walk.

….and farmlandsIMG_2194

The scenery along the way was a mixture of farmlands and creeks along with some very interesting swamps and wetlands.  This really made for an interesting hike and we found ourselves walking along not even worrying about how far or where we were actually going.

Along with swamps…..IMG_2198

After about an hour of walking I pulled out my iPhone to look at a map of the area and discovered that if we were to keep on going we would run right smack into the Kinsol Trestle which is another one of our favourite attractions.  It looked to be a few miles ahead and we’d already hiked 3 miles as it was.  Instead of carrying on and then facing a very long hike back we decided to save that for another day when we were better prepared.

and wetlands….IMG_2201

On the way back we could see the remnants of the last logging that had gone on in this area.  It was great to see that reforestation had been undertaken and new trees were growing in all the locations that had been logged.


Based on the 2.5 hours or so we were on the trail I’d estimate we hiked about 6 miles in total.  Even though it was flat most of the way we were both pretty tired and hot by the time we made it back to the car.  We were looking forward to getting home for a nice afternoon rest.

and even a few cowsIMG_2205

Since Sunday was Mother’s Day I thought I’d better take over dinner duties and plan something special.  Visiting a local supermarket I managed to find a small 2lb Prime Rib Roast that I figured I could cook on our Weber Q.  I’ve cooked roasts before on the Q but never Prime Rib because I was always afraid to screw up something that costs a small fortune!  Come to think about it, I can’t remember the last time we even had Prime Rib done at home in the oven! 

Our first Prime Rib Roast on the Weber QIMG_2154

The Prime Rib turned out just right on the Weber Q.  I used my handy-dandy little digital thermometer to make sure it was cooked to medium the way Paulette likes it even though I prefer medium-rare.  She was happy and the prime rib was delicious – as it should be for the price of it.  Maybe we’ll see about making this a once a year tradition!


And finally, I couldn’t let Mother’s Day go by without giving our daughter Carrie the last word since it was her very first Mother’s Day.

Here’s a excerpt of what she posted on her Facebook page yesterday for all her friends and family:

“All I have wanted for a very, very long time was to be someone's mom.. I so believe in miracles and lucky to have such a beautiful little boy!

Happy mothers day to all of you and sending big hugs and lots of love to those who’s moms have passed on.”

Our beautiful little grandson Mason is so lucky to have such a loving, caring and absolutely wonderful Mom!!  I’m positive he already knows that.

Have a great Monday and thanks again for visiting!